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Dive into the world of strange conspiracies, controversies throughout history, unexplained paranormal events and more with That's Strange. Our podcast features extensive research and easily digestible content delivered weekly!


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Aug 10, 2020

This week's episode goes so in depth that we needed to make two parts!  

We will be posting the 2nd episode in a few days.  Get the inside look at The Mandela Effect from the expert!  Stasha Eriksen is the author of "The Mandela Effect: Everything Is Changing", available on Amazon!  Stasha has been on an incredible journey of discovery and enlightenment that we discuss, as well as get her first-hand look on the phenomenon.  We will also be discussing theories on the controversial JFK "Magic Bullet Theory" and how it relates to the Mandela Effect.  In part two, Ryan will be starting us off with Dimensional Jumping and theories about a multiverse that exists all around us and beyond our comprehension.  


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Stasha Eriksen on Amazon