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Dive into the world of strange conspiracies, controversies throughout history, unexplained paranormal events and more with That's Strange. Our podcast features extensive research and easily digestible content delivered weekly!


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Dec 24, 2020

Happy Holidays from That's Strange!

We are super excited to drop this Christmas themed episode on Christmas Eve!

Come with us as we break down some truly bizarre holiday traditions. From the pickle hidden in some families Christmas trees to the creature that punishes the naughty children - the men sit down to discuss...

Dec 17, 2020

The boys sit down to discuss the Winchester Mystery House.

The widow of firearm tycoon William Winchester started construction on this massive and bizarre structure following several tragedies in her life.

Her husband passed away from tuberculosis, while her infant daughter passed away from marasmus. Following a visit...

Dec 11, 2020

Alex and Ryan just wanted to talk about 340 being broken. 

Go watch the guy who did it talk about it here.

Or read more about it here

You can find more links to things we do at

Dec 10, 2020

*Disclaimer* This is a rerun of episode 7 from season 1. We're taking the week off so we thought we'd bring back one of our most popular episodes to date for those of you who maybe missed it back in August. Enjoy!


Top 10 Most Terrifying Hauntings... according to Chad and Ryan

Since we are missing Alex for today’s...

Dec 3, 2020

This week, we discuss the Georgia Guidestones.

We promise, they're not just rocks - you should listen to this one. 

For more info on the stones - click here


Also, Alex put the kids to bed... and we mean that exactly how it sounds. But, you know what that means (for the first time ever in our show but not the last) -...